Why Advent?

Post-Thanksgiving Pre-Christmas Week

                My life seems to be a constant series of coming and going. We went to Kansas City to visit our families for Thanksgiving. Leaving was hard- as it always is. My sister began chemotherapy last Friday. I worry how she will respond. She won’t be travelling for Christmas- she usually makes it to Tucson to spend Christmas with our parents. My brother has a two-year old son who was a joy to be with. But Nevan’s mom and dad never married and they are no longer together.  My in-law’s continue to grieve in the absence of my father-in-law who died over 2 years ago. He was larger than life and literally he was the glue that held the family together.

But coming home was a joy. After travelling the better part of three weeks in November it was nice to finally unpack everything. So far as I can see there are no more trips in my future! Staying home will be nice. This week will be quiet-  a nice prelude to the Christmas rush!

Our church observes Advent. We have done this for several years now for a couple of reasons. First, by focusing on the colors and sights of Advent we are not blinded by the Christmas lights. Rather we are able to see what the season is all about. By focusing on a different aspect of the biblical promises each Sunday we also are able to develop (hopefully) a deeper sense of the promise of Christ- at His first coming and the promise of God regarding Christ’s second coming. We celebrate Advent because it gives me a platform to help the children in our congregation a deeper appreciation for the season.

Advent reminds me that life is about coming and going, about leaving and returning. As we celebrate Christ’s coming we are reminded that He died, was raised again, and that He is coming again!


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