Psalm 76

            Last week massive wildfires broke out in several communities along the west side of the Cascade mountains in Oregon. Today acrid smoke hides the sun in most of western Oregon as well as California and Washington. Add to the unpredictable nature of wildfires anger and indignation that appears to overwhelm major cities in the US. Schools are still in a state of uncertainty as some students are back in classrooms while many others are experiencing ‘distance learning’ in front of phone/tablet/computer screens. A fiercely partisan presidential election season is fracturing friendships and families. The active hurricane season in the southeastern US may run out of names to assign the storms. The result: a soul-crushing weariness.  

            People are anxious for a culprit. Who is to blame for the pandemic? What about all those fires – someone certainly must have been deliberately setting them. The civil unrest in our cities has to have an organized group sponsoring nightly gatherings.

            The cure for soul-crushing weariness will not be found in assigning blame for all that is happening. The weariness from which we seek rest can be found as we consider the truth that God still reigns. His name is still ‘great.’ God is not absent as some might wonder. Neither is God silent in the midst of the chaos and confusion.

            God is known. He chose to make Himself known. Many who sought to oppose God have experienced His rebuke and are reduced to uselessness and stunned silence. Our desire for an explanation of why these things are happening will be granted, but not now. Our assignment is not to execute God’s judgment but to worship God appropriately. Our rest will come as we acknowledge His power and live in reverence of His never-ending presence.