The Great Reversal

Psalm 75

            From time to time articles appear suggesting that the earth’s north and south pole may be on the verge of reversing. One article[1], dated July 20, 2020, gives a brief overview of the subject. The article notes

41,000 years ago, the Earth’s magnetic field switched polarity for less than one thousand years, the so-called Laschamp excursion with the pole eventually returning to its original polarity.

An article from National Geographic’s website explains that if the poles reverse, compasses will point south instead of north and migratory animals that depend on their innate sense of direction are likely to become lost.[2] In other words, don’t freak out!

            Perhaps the psalmist had better sense than we do. There is one certainty: God will bring judgment. We cannot escape it, we cannot avoid it. This judgment will be more radical than a shift of the magnetic field. However, God does not change. His character is constant. Humans struggle mightily to conform the natural world to our own standards. Humans have warped the standards of judgment to conform to their own skewed view of their self-importance

            Maybe the north and south pole will reverse. Maybe the weak will overcome the strong. One thing we can know: God’s judgment will reverse the existing order. One thing will remain the same. The foundations will not be moved – “When the earth and all its inhabitants shake, I am the One who steadies its pillars. Selah” (Psalm 75:3, HCSB)

            There may be reversals coming our way. Changes we can’t anticipate. Shakings that will radically alter the circumstances of our lives. Remember this: God does not change. The pillars, the foundation, His character and nature never reverse themselves.

[1], accessed Sept. 7, 2020.

[2], accessed on Sept.7, 2020.

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