Seeing and Hearing

Psalm 66        

            A recent Facebook post has been circulating asking people to describe you in one word. It is an interesting question – by reading your social media posts, by observing your life via electronic means how would people describe you?

Come and See – (vs 5)

            Most of us have a strong urge to be seen only at our best. We take care how we look so we can display our best selves. The writer’s invitation, though, asks observers to note God’s protection through challenging circumstances.

For you, O God, tested us; you purified us like refined silver. You led us into a trap; you caused us to suffer. You allowed men to ride over our heads; we passed through fire and water, but you brought us out into a wide open place.” (Psalm 66:10–12, NET)

           Why would anyone invite outsiders to observe us as we experience suffering, oppression, and immediate danger? What would others see? The writer invites observation not that we might express pity or sympathy but praise (see vs 12).

Come and Listen – (vs 16)

            Perhaps we should ask how people would describe you by the words you use? The writer asks us to listen as he/she describes what God has done. If people listened to your prayer what would they learn of God? What would they learn of you? The psalm ends with an offering of praise for God’s always listening ear and His unending love expressed in His protection and provision for our lives.

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