Deja Vu All Over Again?

One week ago we celebrated Easter. Apparently most of the people who regularly attend our church didn’t get the memo. Attendance was down – significantly. One week later it looks to be the same pattern – again. Attendance declining, offerings sagging, and my attitude sinking.

Karl Vaters, a blogger for Christianity Today, suggests answering these four questions after every event:

  • What went right
  • What went wrong
  • Why it went right or wrong, and
  • What we can do to improve it the next time.[1]


Last week if it could go wrong it did. Two key singers on the worship team were mission – one out of town on a family emergency, the other home with an illness. The sound technician misunderstood simple directions. And did I mention that attendance was down – significantly?

So this week, what will go right? As far as I know my audio/video tech person will not be here, so I will attempt to sing and change the slides along the way. As of about 9:30am none of the children who often attend were here, so three frustrated teachers are wondering if they will ever have a class to teach.

Yesterday I attended a memorial service for the last of four people who had tremendous impact on our church and my family. These two families moved into our community and into our churches life with vigor and enthusiasm. Pastoring the same church for over 25 years means lots of transitions.

(The a/v volunteer did attend! Singing was more vigorous than even Easter Sunday! So, that went right!)

It’s now Monday morning. Another week lies ahead – praying that more will go right than wrong, and that I learn from what goes wrong to become more of what God has created me to be!


[1], accessed on 4/23/17.


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