Celebrating Unimpressive Numbers

World Changers Wrap Up.

What a week. Only 6 projects and 8 teams, around 100 people per day engaged in serving the community. Those numbers aren’t impressive. I see more significant numbers every day on Twitter and Facebook.

However, what is impressive is the impact 100 people can make. The gospel was shared 40 times and 2 individuals opened their lives to the truth of God’s gift of Himself through Jesus Christ. Again, the numbers are not impressive. What is impressive is that those 40 who heard the gospel and those two who gave their lives to Christ will have an impact that we cannot measure – both here and now and for eternity.

A number of the students attending the project made fresh commitments to more closely follow Jesus. Who can measure the impact these students will have on their family, friends, and community?

We are easily impressed with numerical statistics. But never underestimate the power of one – one life transformed could be the key to opening an entire segment of the community, multiple generations of a family, and, yes, even an entire community.

We have had bigger projects in terms of volunteers serving. We have had more gospel presentations shared. We have seen more decisions reported.

I am celebrating every gospel presentation, every response – positive and negative and the undecideds – because as God’s Word is proclaimed, He is at work transforming individuals, families, communities and eventually His world!





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