Earlier this week when I awoke, checked the weather and saw this: Dense Fog Advisory. It means that one should take care because the fog creates hazardous driving conditions.

Maybe we should post a Dense Fog Advisory when our lives are a little less than clear, when circumstances confuse and confound us. Others around us would know to steer clear of us during those times. Perhaps others would know how to pray for us more effectively. I have been struggling with a dense fog for the past few months. As I turn 60 this year, observe our 40th wedding anniversary, and note my 25th year of service as Pastor at Community Baptist Church I no longer see the future as clearly as I did a few years ago. I see the present much differently than I did when I was younger. Past failures appear magnified and past successes seem less impressive. The present seems foggier than it used to.

The solutions: take life a little more slowly – look more carefully to the margins much like one might pay more attention to the boundary markers on the highway when driving in dense fog. Proceed with a little more caution – I have always been too quick to say YES when I should have paused, prayed, and perhaps said, NO. Concentrate more on the present and worry less about the future. – I have a tendency to measure the effects of my life and ministry in comparison and often wonder about how my life will be measured.

One last thought: (I will share this with my folks on Jan 24) see Jesus! Keeping my eyes on the goal, the destination, the prize (all are NT words)! The fog will lift – it always does!


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