Christmas Reflections

Dec 24 2015

This year is slightly different for us. Instead of being at home we are with our son, his wife and our new granddaughter- Sandra Gale. She was born 11-15-15 and then spent the next 4 weeks in the NICU at Dayton Children’s Hospital. Josh and Kalaya were able to bring her home on 12/15/15. She is doing well, growing quickly and is healthy as can be. Our daughter Megan was able to join us and the day after Christmas Cindy’s step-mom will fly in from KC to join us! We have already had a remarkable time…doing not very much at all but holding our granddaughter and spending time with family.

I am reminded that not everyone has the ability to be with family during the holidays (we have had years when our family was scattered at Christmas time as well!) but the promise of Christmas – even for those feeling loneliest is that God is present. Bethlehem was not a place of prominence and significance yet that is the town God had chosen to bring Messiah into the world. So, no matter how small or insignificant you may feel remember, God is present.

I am also painfully aware that many people struggle with depression and discouragement during this ‘most wonderful time’ of the year. Again I remind you ( and me) that God is completely aware of where you are, of your heart and hurt, and that His presence can and will supply you the strength you need for each day – just remember, take life one day at a time. Don’t borrow from tomorrow or spend time lingering over yesterday!

Christmas – certainly a wonderful time – is but one day a year. The presence of Christ is not limited to just that one day. We can know His presence every day…and because He is present we can live with confidence and assurance that His presence makes every day a wonderful gift!

May your Christmas be blessed – wherever you are!



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