Wide Angle Living

I often struggle with my self-worth. The evidence of this struggle is my inability to say NO to opportunities that do not necessarily promote the ultimate purpose of my life; my constant struggle with trying to earn God’s favor; and my (almost daily) battle with anxiety and depression. This morning as I was reading God’s Word Psalm 71:1 forced me to pause and wonder why I keep living a narrow lens life. The Psalmist states, “In You, O LORD, I have taken refuge; Let me never be ashamed” (NASB).

Since my identity is bound up ‘in Christ’ my life is not just ‘my’ life. Rather, there is a broader and wider view I need to examine. First, there is God’s ultimate purpose for the Creation – as seen in Genesis 1-2 and as seen in 2 Corinthians 5:16. I am a living specimen of God’s ultimate purpose of calling people to Himself from chaos and uncontrollable sin.

I am also part of a larger movement of God’s purpose in my world – as a citizen of the Kingdom of God living in the US, residing in Oregon, serving the Lord as a husband, parent, son, and family member, in Douglas County with the people of Winston Community Baptist Church. My life is part of a larger picture – one that God is directing and moving towards a purpose far greater than I can ‘see’ from my limited vantage point.

As I read God’s Word I am reminded that there is a purpose far beyond my circumstances, far beyond my immediate challenges. Lord, continue to open my eyes to the wide-angle view of life that is so clearly revealed in Your Word!


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