Most computers allow you to reset your settings to a past point in time when everything was working properly. Don’t you wish life had a ‘reset’ option? We would all like a button we could push that would take us to a point in time – maybe the recent past or maybe farther back – when everything in our life seemed to be in working order.

As a pastor for over 30 years, having served the Lord in my current ministry for nearly 24 of those years I am longing for a reset option. The community in which I live is growing older for two reasons. First, the largest number of people moving in to our community are senior citizens (may age and older). Second, young adults and their families are moving away in record numbers. Every school district in our county has faced significant decline in enrollment over the past few years which indicates the depth of the problem.

If I had a reset option, what time period would I choose for a reset? Would it be the few years when financial difficulties almost closed our doors? Or would I choose the time when many in leadership were spiritually immature and threatening to force me to leave?  Do I really want to return to the days of Acts – without any of the technological tools available?

Obviously there is no reset function available for life, or for church. We cannot recapture glory days or even the difficult periods of our past. What we can do, though, is rekindle the enthusiasm and excitement we once had for seeing people come to Christ as Savior. We can create an atmosphere where everyone is able to and excited about sharing their faith. We can create an atmosphere where people are welcomed just as they are and given the opportunity to be transformed as God works in their lives.

My prayer is not that we could return to the past, but that from this point forward we might be as excited about our relationship with Jesus as the early disciples were, that we might be as sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit as men and women of the past have been, and that we might once again discover the unlimited possibility of God’s power as He transforms our lives and the lives of those around us!


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