In light of several things I’ve been seeing on Twitter I am in wondering: Are we, as Western Christians, so persuaded that our experience of God and His Word is the ONLY accurate way that we can truly say with confidence that others in having been raised in different cultures (ethnicity, economic, family structure and so on) MUST agree with us?

Thanks to Anthony Bradley, a professor at The Kings College in NYC I have been challenged to think about how my being raised in a white, suburban context has impacted how I read the Bible, how I pray, how I worship, and how I apply Scripture. Having done limited reading in issues surrounding the Muslim faith – particularly in light of Middle Eastern history in general, and having been challenged by some IMB folks serving Central Asian people groups – I am curious. Some of the folks involved in discussions I’ve been following on Twitter and Facebook sound VERY dogmatic about their standards being the ONLY standard by which to measure or evaluate another’s experience of Christianity.

I don’t want to stir up a hornets nest, nor do I long to be called a heretic. However, I am intrigued and challenged by the discussions to  evaluate my own understanding of living Christianly in a post Christian world.


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  1. Robert Persi


    Are you not addressing Christ’s forgiveness and love for your flock? The areas you mention have their pastors and they address the needs of their flocks. In my years on this earth I have learned that different peoples look at issues differently, you cannot reflect positively to all, that is what the Word I’d God is for. Let those how challenge you look to their own soules and you need to turn to the lord for your answers and needs of your flock. God will respond to those who seek him out. God bless you for all you do, being a paster must not be easy.

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