Reflections on 67

The 67th annual meeting of the NWBC is in the books. Around 400 messengers met together for two days of encouragement and inspiration. Friendships were renewed and new friendships were begun. The general tone of the meeting was hopeful. The partnership we’ve entered into with our IMB partners in East Asia holds out a great promise of fruitfulness both in a difficult part of the world and in our own communities. After years of budgeting by dreams the NWBC is now very close to budgeting according to reality – being able to anticipate income and planning on expenses to achieve our goals. Our executive director, Randy Adams has now been on the field well over a year and has travelled extensively throughout our large geographical expanse. New staff are being added in order to more closely align our staffing with our goal of supporting churches with regional field personnel. The biggest ‘win’ of the past year was paying off the indebtedness of our building in Vancouver, WA. There is still work to be done in creating the kind of staff that will most effectively meet the needs of our churches, but actions taken this past year are making that vision more a reality than before.
As we move forward as cooperative churches our task is the same: pushing back the darkness of lostness in our local communities, in our region, and in our world. The fact that there is very little dissension or disagreement among our churches and our leaders speaks well of the foundation laid by leaders who are now experiencing the rest promised to believers in Jesus Christ. The opening of a regional campus of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary in the Northwest has enabled several generations of leaders to be trained and deployed here and abroad. The lean structure of our staff means that our staff is more responsive to the needs of specific churches and less driven by programs emphases from other SBC entities.
As I write I often listen to symphonic works by classical composers. Listening to the musicians cooperate to create music that inspires and expresses deep emotions, I am always reminded that while first chair instruments are important, so are second, third, and fourth chairs. Without a strong connection between the sections of the orchestra and the conductor the sound would be indistinct and often cacophonous at best. As we loo forward to NWBC Annual Meeting 68, November 2015, let’s continue to play our parts, continue to fix our eyes on Jesus, and listen for the voices of thousands and hundreds of thousands to be added to the chorus of Hallelujah’s around the throne of God!


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