My New Years Prayer

I sent a letter to every family in our ministry this Christmas season with the following prayer. It is my goal to pray this for each family in our church on a regular basis during 2014!

I pray that 2014 will be a year in which you will know more of God’s presence and peace so that together we may demonstrate to the world around us what it means to live fully pleasing to God;


            I pray that together our lives we bear spiritual fruit as we continue to work together to create a community built on the truth of God’s Word and one that is held together by the presence of God’s Holy Spirit that Jesus Christ might be magnified;


            I pray that together we would meet all the challenges 2014 will bring our way with assurance and confidence in God’s power to provide all our needs;


            I pray that our lives would be daily demonstrations of thankfulness for all God has already done.


May God’s richest blessing rest upon you, your family, and your ministry during the coming year.



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One response to “My New Years Prayer

  1. phyllis Trotter

    I lost a future son in law last evening,, don’t know if he really new God, but know I told him and my daughter more then once, I pray this will open my daughters eyes, and she returns to church again. There is no time or date for death, so one must be ready in the blink of the eye.

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