Lessons learned: People are extremely generous when given an appropriate challenge and opportunity; People want to be involved in projects bigger than themselves;                         People are hungry for affirmation.

God creates opportunities for us to trust Him more


God opens doors we’d never dream of opening ourselves


God demands obedience and faithfulness…

 By Wednesday afternoon/early evening we learned there are people here by divine appointment. There are people here at random, and there people here searching for something they can’t seem to find at home. Lord, give me the discernment to know the difference between those that come my way. Teach me to discern the heart of people.

Thursday evening’s service was the “Concert of Prayer” a truly moving and worshipful way to lead students to pray for Winston, for their own family and community, and for one another. Deep and lasting friendships have been made during these few short (though they certainly FELT long) days!


Friday, the adversary attacked through a local family…upset by something, one member of the family verbally abused several staff, another family member called the church- I spent ten minutes with her on the phone, then one family member went through the parking lot and jotted down the name of churches represented and sent a very scathing email making accusations that had no basis in reality. I alerted the police and asked people to pray for protection. 

The days leading up to WC I prayed like never before. Lord, may that hunger for prayer, the longing for You to fulfill Your promises drive every day of my life!


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