Reading Nik Ripken’s “The Insanity of God” is an eye opening and personally indicting read. The accounts he shares in the book- now ten years or older- are slowly changing my understanding of the purposes of persecution from God’s perspective. As Ripken recounted the experiences of many Chinese believers I was shaken. The believer he shared with wouldn’t consider anyone for leadership in their house church movement UNLESS THEY HAD BEEN IMPRISONED for 3 years! 

Here in our world we seek to avoid persecution by accommodation and blending in to our surrounding world. The recent Supreme Court ruling on marriage has been written about elsewhere by others more qualified. One thought I stumbled across- and I can’t remember where- was that maybe now that our society more resembles the worldview of Rome in the first century perhaps the church can recover a worldview shaped by the New Testament book of Acts!

May we count it all joy when we are chosen to suffer for the sake of the name Jesus- for there is no other name my which we must be saved!


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