Today and tomorrow are the summer meetings of

Today and tomorrow are the summer meetings of the NWBC Executive Board. These are the first meetings that Randy Adams, our new Executive Director is leading. There is always an excitement and anticipation when new leaders come on board. Yet we cannot ignore the past and the journey that has brought us to this place. It has been my privilege to be personal friends with the past several executive directors- Cecil Sims; Jeff Iorg; Gus Suarez; Bill Crews. Each brought a distinct gifting and strength to the position. Each had a unique and compelling vision for what they understood God was calling them to do and what God was calling Northwest Baptists to be.

As Northwest Baptists we begin a new chapter this week. May we build on the best of the past and look forward to completing the assignment God has given us to penetrate the lostness around us with the good news of Jesus Christ!

I have been reading The Insanity of God by Nate Ripken over the past few days. When he and his wife were interviewed by the sending agency of their denomination the committee wanted to hear of his call to missions. Having no church background, only having been a believer for a few years, his answer was not what the committee wanted to hear. When asked why he felt called to missions his answer: “I read Matthew 28.” 

May God’s Word be so compelling in our lives that as we read it, we simply obey.


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June 24, 2013 · 8:00 am

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