Calvin…or Calvin and Hobbes?

The Calvinism Advisory Committee of the SBC released their report earlier this morning. You can read it here I would encourage every pastor and church leader to read the report carefully. Here in the Northwest we have deliberately stayed away from doctrinal issues when we come together for our annual meetings. I like to tell SBC folks from other areas that we are so happy to see another Southern Baptist whenever we come together we just lay aside those issues that might divide. There is truth in that. Our convention leadership has worked diligently to create an annual meeting that is more about fellowship and encouragement than doctrinal issues over which we disagree.

However (and you knew that was coming…) we cannot ignore doctrine. I happen to be a Calvinist ( and yes I enjoyed Calvin and Hobbes as well). I meet with fellow evangelical pastors on a weekly basis who are most certainly NOT Calvinists (though I’m not certain about their feelings towards Calvin and Hobbes). We even discuss doctrinal issues from time and time and still love one another. One statement from the recently released document struck me

With a full recognition of the limitless wisdom of God’s Word and the limited wisdom of ourselves, we urge Southern Baptists to grant one another liberty in those areas within The Baptist Faith and Message where differences in interpretation cause us to disagree. 

So, read the document. Argue with me if you’d like (, ignore me if you must…but let’s make sure we understand what we believe and why we believe it!


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  1. Dale Pugh

    I’m no Calvinist. I can support the committee’s report wholeheartedly. I believe it says more about who we are as Baptists than it says about anyone’s specific doctrinal position. Instead of choosing sides it focuses attention on the fact that we have chosen to cooperate with one another in spite of doctrinal differences.

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