I was privileged to spend last week at

I was privileged to spend last week at the Summer Institute of the Land Center for Cultural Engagement at Southwestern Seminary in Ft Worth TX (see http://thelandcenter.org/). The staff did an excellent job of bringing world class scholars to the Center and we were given an opportunity to hear their research and to dialogue with them- and other pastors and seminary staff- regarding some of the most important issues facing our culture today. A couple of highlights tonight- and then as soon as the box of resources we were given arrives (I had to choose to bring home my luggage with my clothing or the books and resources they provided…I chose the clothes!)- I will review some of what I learned.

First, though it often appears that we are being defeated by those who stand against Christians and a biblical worldview, there are bright and energetic minds providing information we can use as we do battle.

Second, and perhaps as important: WE MUST CONTINUE THE BATTLE. Dr. Anthony Bradley, a professor at King’s College in New York City observed that he is teaching young people who are determined to live their biblical faith in communities all around the country. All of the speakers gave anecdotal evidence that there are a corps of young adults who are hungry to learn the things of God and to live in such a way so as to make a difference.

Finally, I was encouraged to keep up the fight. I live in a small community, but many small communities experiencing significant spiritual change can impact a region and regions experiencing spiritual renewal and revival can and will influence a country…and so it goes!


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May 27, 2013 · 9:30 pm

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