Throughout junior high school, high school, and college

Throughout junior high school, high school, and college I trained to be a high school band director and dreamed of leading worship and music ministry in a local church. I spent countless hours in windowless practice rooms learning to play the alto saxophone (which I still play regularly- gasp! yes, even in worship services) and other instruments. One constant in learning any instrument is the mastering of scales (do, re, mi, etc…). Even today when I pick up my sax or my flute I generally warm up the instrument by playing a scale. Any one who listens to and appreciates any kind of music is familiar with scales. They are the alphabet of melody and harmony.

I’ve discovered that being a leader requires mastering some basics (like the scales). There are certain tasks we repeat as leaders on a regular basis- certain skills that we have to keep practicing in order to master. As a pastor I need to regularly practice the study of God’s Word- exegesis, context, theological interpretation and all the rest. As a leader I need to practice listening so that I can determine if the vision I’ve communicated is being understood. As a community leader I have to regularly place myself in community forums (chamber of commerce meetings; city council meetings; other formal and informal settings) to hear what the folks I live around are thinking, feeling, and experiencing. 

What ‘scales’ do you need to practice this week?


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April 26, 2013 · 9:36 am

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