Fall has fell (although it was over 75 yesterday and supposed to be near 70 today)! Red, yellow, and green shine vibrantly in the abundant sunshine (after the fog burns away). The signs of the changing season are evident for all to see.

Spiritually I sense the end of a season. The past few weeks have been brutal as I have struggled with a specific temptation. Far too often I gave in and spent far too much time in a repentance that was shallow and empty. But the season has changed. I woke this morning sensing that the season has changed. The temptation will still rear its head, but at least for now I trust that God has granted me strength to resist. As I was spending time with God this morning I read Psalm 57:2-3 ” I call to God Most High, to God who fulfills His purpose for me. ‎He reaches down from heaven and saves me, challenging the one who tramples me.”  Those words, written some 2700 years ago (give or take a day) resonated in my heart and mind, reminding me that I don’t cause the seasons to change! When I exit a time of struggle and temptation such as I recently endured there is a huge challenge to assume that in my own strength I survived. Those seasons of struggle ought to remind me of just how weak and helpless I am before the attacks of the Adversary. As this season changes I need to celebrate that goodness and graciousness of God.

As the season changes new temptations will come- of that I am confident. But as the season changes, I am also confident that God will respond to my heartfelt cry and He will ‘challenge’ the one who seeks to trample me!


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