The Illusion of Importance

There is nothing more humbling than driving cross country. My wife and I drove just over 2,000 miles from our home in Southern Oregon to Independence MO. Passing through countless towns and villages and a number of larger cities I was reminded that I am just one. Whenever I think I am so important that the world can’t exist without me I can visualize the hundreds of places I drove through and remember that everyone of those places is filled with people- people hungering for meaning and purpose, people searching for significance, people who think that the world just might stop if they were to disengage with their world.

I also was reminded how fortunate my wife and I are to have the freedom to travel. Our car runs well. The air conditioning works (it was near 100 degrees all day as we drove across Nebraska and into Missouri). Through our church family God has provided the resources we need to travel without worry.

So, the next time I begin to think I am indispensable I will visualize the towns scattered across Nebraska and Wyoming (yes, even though it is one of the least densely populated states there are towns and cities) and remember that God has chosen to place me in Winston…and that I am not indispensable…but that God can do quite well without me should He chose to. 


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