The End of an Era?

Dr Bill Crews, Executive Director of the Northwest Baptist Convention announced his intention to retire (again…that’s another blog entry) on December 31 2012, or at such time as a new Executive Director has been identified and elected. Since 1967, when Bill and his family arrived in the Northwest he has been a fixture. Yes, he pastored in California for a few years and served as president of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary for a few more years- but he has been a fixture at our annual meetings for as long as I can remember.

These last five years he has served as the interim  (2007) and then as board elected Executive Director (2008-2012) and led us through some difficult and demanding challenges. His leadership is evidence of God’s hand- bringing the right man to the right place at the right time. 

Replacing him is impossible. However God has a successor already in line. It is our duty to pray for the search committee which we be nominated by the officers of the Convention and elected by the Board tomorrow as they seek to discover who God has in His heart for the future our our network of churches.



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