Every Square Inch

In a recent editorial Marvin Olasky offers a distinction between the Constitution’s guarantee of “freedom of religion” and what he describes as the “freedom to worship.” He writes

The Obama administration, by stipulating that an organization to be defined as a “religious employer” must primarily serve only people of its own faith, is beginning to treat Christians as many Muslim countries treat Christians. Those countries allow Christians to meet for worship in nondescript buildings, but that’s it. Christians cannot evangelize. They cannot make disciples. They cannot engage in social services and help others.

Some Christians in Muslim lands have some freedom of worship. They do not have freedom of religion.” http://www.worldmag.com/articles/19482

In the same editorial he suggests that Christianity by its very nature “claim[s] to deal with every square inch of our territory and every moment of our existence.”

In  the flurry of meetings that I choose to attend I have to regularly remind myself that God has opened doors not for my advancement but for the application and advancement of His kingdom purposes. In many of the meetings I attend I don’t have a platform to speak but I can quietly pray for those in attendance and for those in decision making roles. In some of the meetings I attend I do have a voice and then I must carefully choose to frame my words so that the truth of the gospel can be proclaimed- even if indirectly. I am not often given the opportunity to ‘preach’ at these meetings as I would have the freedom to do in church circles. However, I can speak from a gospel perspective- that God indeed so loved the world that He sent His Son; that Jesus died and was raised again for us; and that the cross is an opportunity for forgiveness and a challenge to press on in the work of spiritual transformation. Transformation is intensely personal but as individual’s are transformed by the good news of Jould esus Christ the structures of our society should also be transformed.

Is it too late to see a transformation? I believe as long as God gives believers breath there is opportunity for the Holy Spirit to use our words and our deeds to spark spiritual transformation in the lives of people. And as people are transformed by the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, He can indeed transform even governments and the social institutions that surround us.



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4 responses to “Every Square Inch

  1. Joe Chambers

    Very, very well done.

  2. Don Reeves

    Well said my friend.

  3. Who knows what God will do as we pray and obey.

  4. Jim Gantenbein


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