Small Victories

Small Victories

                I regularly receive tweets (Twitter updates) about what God is doing in various locations around the world. Many times they are celebrating numbers of new believers that in a ministry area of around 15,000 total population are quite literally hard to imagine. My first response- honestly- is a little bit of envy. I would love to serve a church where hundreds come to Christ – even just once. I can’t tweet that hundreds or even dozens have come to Christ as a result of one worship experience.

                What I can say, however, is this. Because of the faithful support the churches I serve have given to the Cooperative Program over the decades I have been a pastor thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands have heard the gospel. Church planting movements have begun and literally changed entire cultures as our people have faithfully given. The dollars we give, and the prayers we lift up to God, are primary ways we have of engaging a lost and dying world.

                I read of massive movements of immigrants into the cities of the United States. Right now the only movement in my community in Southern Oregon is away from the area as people look for jobs. But again, because our church prays and gives to the Cooperative Program, the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering, the Sylvia Wilson Mission Offering for NW Missions, and the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, we are supporting the work of men and women who are committed to reaching these immigrants with the good news of Jesus Christ.

                If you follow my Twitter feed (@wcbcpastor) you’ll likely never read of me leading a service where hundreds responded to the gospel. But know this…God is at work. God is changing lives. God I enabling our family of faith to have an impact for the Kingdom of God.


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  1. Hey, Steve, over the period of a month hundreds do respond. It’s just not the response we are praying for.

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