Day 6 1/2

Last night as I was reading in Mark 6 I was challenged by Jesus’ instructions to the disciples. He asked them to feed the 5,000 men and their families. Of course they had no idea where to find food for that many people (Mark 6:37). In vs. 38 Jesus asked them a question and gave an instruction: “How many loaves do you have? Go look.” It was the instruction that stopped me in my tracks. “Go look.” When I am confronted with responsibility I rarely look to see what resources are already in place. I rarely think of asking others for assistance. When the disciples looked, they found a boy who was willing to share all he had. Jesus took what they had and multiplied it…so that everyone had more than enough.

Here is what caught my eye: Our first instinct is to catalogue all that we don’t have. God’s directive is for us to open our eyes and see what He has already provided and allow Him to take care of stretching whatevever we have to offer.

May God help open my eyes to go look and offer Him all that I find. He can deal with multiplying and insuring that there is enough to go around.


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