Day Two

As I look over the past few months a couple of things are clear. 1. I want everything to be perfect. When it is not, when others fail to measure up to a standard even I can’t measure up to, I get frustrated and snap at those around me. 2. Somewhere along the way I stopped praying. Oh, I could pray a passable prayer over a meal, even lead a decent pastoral prayer. But somewhere along the path I stopped talking to God. More importantly I stopped listening. 3. I allowed the demands and desires of other people to dictate my calendar and establish my priorities. I stopped listening to God’s direction – Oh, I continued to read God’s Word (it is after all on my official what Christian’s do list). But I read to check it off my list, not to hear what God had to say about my life, my time, my responsibilities.

So, where do I go from here? I want to listen again. I want to hear God’s Word speak to me- not just so that I have a message to share, but so that I can nurture and nourish the relationship He wants to have with me.


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