It’s Monday. Y…

It’s Monday. Yesterday in our quarterly business meeting the deacons directed me to take a two week vacation (with my hearty approval). There are a number of factors that have contributed to my need of some time away from the weekly pressure of preparing messages. First, there are some spiritual struggles occurring in our ministry- nothing earth shattering, but no less draining. Second, I have been overcommitted and underresourced the past few weeks (yes, I know that spell check tells me both are not really words). The commitments I an handling by weeding some things out…the resources I have to work on. A couple of things are extremely clear as I evaluate the past few months: a). I have not taken care of myself. Not enough time off, lack of physical exercise, eating habits that are unhealthy. So, these next two weeks will help to make up some of that. b). I have allowed my schedule to run my life rather than my ministry and life determining my schedule. I need time to read…but unless I program that into my days and weeks, well, it just doesn’t happen. I need time to pray- more than the daily devotional prayers for my family and ministry.So, during these next two weeks (keeping the commitments I’ve already made for community ministry…mtgs with local business and political leaders; facilitating the city’s annual goal-setting workshop this Saturday; and some other meetings that are on the schedule) I will be taking some time to read- immersing myself in God’s Word; praying; and reading- Hisotical Theology and Beale’s new book on a biblical New Testament Theology are on my shelf- along with some fiction…). So, let’s see where God takes me… and what God has in store for our ministry. Steve


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January 23, 2012 · 12:26 pm

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