Releasing Kids

I am glad I have two children. Just yesterday we sent off our youngest (daughter) to pursue her dream of living and working in Washington DC. Almost ten years ago we sent off our oldest to the United States Air Force. Now he is in Afghanistan, serving a six month deployment while his wonderful wife holds down the home place in Pensacola FL. 

I am glad I only have two children. Even though our daughter moved out to college some 8 years ago, and then into her own apartment about 3 years ago, it was hard to let her go on that plane yesterday. I thank God for my kids on a daily basis and pray that God will continue to use them as they pursue the dreams He has given them. But, boy, I’m glad I only have two kids to set free! 

I know a little of how my folks and my wife’s parents felt some 35 years ago when we boarded a Greyhound bus with three boxes of clothing and possessions to serve the Lord here in the Northwest. Of course communication is certainly different. I was on facebook with my son for a while today, my daughter just texted my wife on her phone, but knowing they are no longer driving distance away is still hard. So, again, thank God I have two children, but thank God I only have two children!


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