The Stuff or Reality

I’ve been reading Issacson’s biography of Albert Einstein recently. I admit much of the theory is over my head, but Issacson does a great job of communicating the basics in an understandable way.What intrigues me about the latter part of the book which focuses on Einstein’s search for a unified field theory is the grasp Einstein had on the mystery of the universe. Though certainly not religious in any way we as evangelical’s would understand, his grasp of the mysterious and unknowable part of the world in which we live certainly challenges my constant effort to make sense of everything. I want to be more comfortable with mystery, with the unknowable. Job, in one of his responses to his friends spoke of knowing just the fringes of God’s ways (Job 26:14). As Christmas approaches I long for the ability to just marvel at the wonder and the unexplained aspects of the Christmas event. Angelic announcements, dreams and visions, prophetic people speaking prophetic words…. There is certainly mystery in the account of Jesus’ birth. May we be more comfortable with the mystery as we observe the celebrations that center on the birth of our Savior.


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