NWBC Reflections

It’s the Monday after the Annual Meeting of the NWBC (the 64th or 65th annual meeting if I’ve counted correctly). Several observations: 1. it appears that the number of registered messengers grows a little smaller every year; 2. It seems that the average age of the attenders increases slightly every year; 3. the business sessions are over very quickly and without any significant questions. The past two years I have presented the budget on behalf of the Executive Board- the 2012 budget required a significant reduction in personnel – and there were no questions from the floor.Do people read the budget? Do they understand the budget? I was prepared for a healthy exchange of questions and answers… and was a little disappointed that there were no questions from the floor. The line up of speakers was one of the best we’ve had in the past few years. I did miss allowing the president an opportunity to speak on Tuesday evening as we’ve done in the past couple of years. But then having the opportunity to hear Wayne Cordeiro was worth the change. Having served on the Order of Business Committee in the past I must commend the current group for doing a superb job of planning. Having been on the Executive Board the past couple of years has given me a deeper understanding of all the details that must fall into place for a successful annual meeting. However (and you sort of knew that was coming…) let me share a couple of additional observations: First, I wonder if we have done an adequate job of helping our church folk truly understand the role of a regional convention? Since we have adopted a strategy that has moved NWBC and NAMB workers closer to the churches I am not sure we have truly communicated just how important a regional connection is for the advancement of the kingdom of God in the Northwest. The Pastor Cluster groups and VBS training are the most visible signs of how regional networking can advance our agenda, but there is more to our work as a regional convention than just these two vital areas. While I have no specific agenda or solutions I hope to discover ways to make the work of our regional network more significant to the people I serve as pastor. Second, are we using the time that we gather to our best advantage? Certainly networking and reconnecting with friends is a significant part of the meeting. I was unable to attend the Q/A session with Ed Stetzer, but I would hope we can build more of these kind of opportunities into the planning. I know Ronnie Floyd had to catch a plane, but an Q/A time with him would have been interesting, as well as a time with Wayne Cordeiro. Well, it was a great meeting. I was humbled by the confidence expressed in me as the convention chose me as the President. I will prayerfully consider the challenges ahead and seek to serve in such a way to honor the purposes and presence of God as He works among and in us.



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3 responses to “NWBC Reflections

  1. mr. president–nice observations. i noticed some of the same trends in terms of age and attendance. as regards the business end of things–did you notice that there was never a ‘any new business’ kind of questions. it was in the program, but not done (or if it was; i apologize but i didn’t see or hear it.) i didn’t mention that in my blogs about the convention, but i think we are missing some ‘vibrant’ debate and calling it unity when it might actually be apathy.
    i appreciate your reflections.

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  3. From conversations away from the convention, I believe some (not sure how large a percentage) of the non-participation and non-voiceraising is continued reaction to the major change of venue in the NWBC that took place about 3-5 years ago. Extreme frustration voiced by some at the time may now be expressed through their absence at convention meetings and silence in the efforts initiated by the NWBC. To be sure, some continue to be upset and selectively express it but not in the presence of those who failed to rally behind their cries. In brief, there is a “them versus us” mentality that is not being openly expressed at the meetings.
    KLBC has begun praying for you, Mr. President.

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