Labor Day!

It’s labor day and Cindy and I are in Salem. Our daughter is moving to Washington DC around the first of October for a yet to be found job. She has a number of contacts in the DC area and is confident of finding a meaningful job between now and her move-in date. She has a friend in the DC area that will share an apartment with her. So Cindy and Meg are listing all Meg’s possessions and deciding which ones we move back to our home, which ones she sells to her roommates, and which pieces of furniture we just discard. Then, there are the shoes…but that is another post entirely!

This indeed is a season of change. School began last Monday in our district. Cindy’s job is structured differently than last year. Our church is considering calling an associate pastor. I may be doing some consulting work for the Douglas County Commission on Children and Families (primarily writing issue briefs and doing some research). Things change.

One constant in the midst of this change is the challenge to trust God. Growing in faith means learning to trust even when things change. I am not a fan of change. I like stability. I like things to go on in a pattern that rarely changes. But if everything stayed the same I would never be stretched in  my ability to trust and depend on God.

So, Labor Day means change. The seasons change. Mornings are a bit more chilly though afternoons are still in the 90’s. The days are getting shorter, although the government continues to mess with when we officially change our clocks (fall back…spring forward).

How is your life changing? Where is God testing your faith? How will you respond?

Let’s grow together in our understanding of the nature of God as He continues to reveal Himself in our midst.



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