What Happened to Monday?

I had great plans to post every Monday. Then Monday happened! This past Monday I was in Salem for a task force meeting regarding the future of local Commissions on Children and Families in Oregon.  It was an interesting meeting and the process of formulating options for the future of this system is ongoing.

After Monday then came Tuesday. And then, well, all my best laid plans sort of fell through as other demands piled on my desk. Now its Thursday and I’m looking at a long several weeks ahead. A wedding this weekend and a visit from a young couple that may be interested in serving as an associate pastor; then next weekend a memorial service for a church family whose father passed away recently, then the next weekend is our town’s annual festival plus a leadership training event sponsored by our regional network of churches…and then…well, I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself.

In the midst of this never-ending stream of events and projects Sunday and Wednesday messages still need to get finished; Sunday worship powerpoints need to get done; the bulletin needs to be readied; people need to be visited; the administrative stuff of ministry goes on and on and on….

Then out of the blue I was asked again to consider going overseas next year to do some teaching with a program called Masters Bible School. So, whatever happened to Monday? I think I got lost in the week! That tends to happen among the demands of ministry.

So, maybe next Monday…wait a minute…I’m supposed to volunteer for a couple of hours at the middle school helping in 7th grade orientation…Hmm….


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