What am I to do today?

I rarely post two consecutive days in a row but a thought is stirring in my mind and I need to express it.

A fellow pastor and I were having breakfast together this morning (great fellowship). We commiserated with each other about how busy we are. But here’s the question we both struggle with. What exactly does a pastor do? How are we to invest our time every day? Oh there are plenty of things to do…visits to make, phone calls to return, mail to sort, odd jobs around the church (fixing that running toilet, putting paper towels in the restrooms and so on), and an always increasing number of people with needs- rent money, grocery money, gas money, lonely people needing someone to listen, hurting people who need encouragement…and the list grows daily.

I know the answers I’ve been trained to hear: The seminary training: prepare to proclaim the Word and do the work of an evangelist and catch a vision of God and His purpose for His kingdom. The denomination suggests we invest in reaching younger adults and finding new ways to reach people and new places to start churches. The church member expects the pastor to always be present whenever there is a need.

As I’ve been reading the Old Testament prophet Jeremiah I came across the passage in Jer. 27 where God told Jeremiah to fashion for himself a yoke and chains and wear them publicly. Simply to live as a visible reminder of God’s purpose and plan.

Makes one wonder what a pastor really ought to do…


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