Musings for a Monday

I had the privilege of riding to Salem and back today as a passenger to attend a meeting. As the driver and I visited along the way (we are both believers) I watched the traffic and the scenery. I don’t get to travel as a passenger very often. Honestly, I’d rather drive…although the driver was a careful driver.

Going north the traffic is light until Eugene (about 70 miles north of us on I-5). Then from Eugene to Salem, (about 50 miles) the traffic is steady and unrelenting. I couldn’t help but wonder where people were going. Were they commuters travelling to work (it was early Monday morning). A few out-of-state license plates suggested that people were travelling of vacation, perhaps they had visited family in the area, or maybe, they just wanted to drive in Oregon? After a four-hour meeting the driver and I traveled south from Salem back to Roseburg. Different cars but the same question. Where was everyone headed?

Indeed, where am I headed? As a follower of Jesus Christ I claim to be headed for heaven (some have suggested that my driving may hasten that destination). As a husband I want to be a better support for my wife, as a father I want to be a better parent to my adult children (and I include my son’s spouse as one of my kids). I want to be a better son to my parents – and of course my mother-in-law, and I want to be a better brother and uncle to the rest of my family. As a pastor I want to lead my church to more closely follow the Lord and be a more effective witness to God’s presence and power. As a community leader I want to help create a community free from addictions, free from the powerful pull of hopelessness and the degradation of sin.

Maybe as people pass me by they wonder, where is he headed? How do I live more transparently that others might see more clearly the direction I am headed?



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