Coalitions. Organizations. 501(c)3 non-profits. Collaborations. Foundations. Networks.

All are words that describe different types of groups that exist in almost every community. The differences between these groups are difficult to define at times.  The boundaries between these different groups are rather flexible.

Most of the groups listed previously came into being in order to create some kind of change either of  individuals or organizations. Changing the status quo, or defending against the change suggested by another group or individual, is the driving force of the life of these groups.

The most significant change, however, is usually not noticed on a large-scale, but on the level of the individual. And that is as it should be. Sometimes those of us who are immersed in social change groups forget that societies are comprised first and foremost of individuals.

To facilitate large-scale change the focus must be on changing the attitude and action of individuals. Organizations, systems, groups can only change as the individuals that make up the group change.

I know that these are not earth shattering insights and that others have made these observations more eloquently.  But, I need to be reminded that the changes I hope to make must be focused first and foremost on the individual level before we can expect social change.



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