I Found It!

I can still hear his words over thirty years later. I was a young (immature!)  youth pastor serving in a small church near the college I attended. I don’t remember anything else about the exchange except those words- “Without a personality change you will never serve as a pastor.” As I was scanning through my email this morning I stumbled across this link:


I have been an introvert as long as I can remember. Over the 30 years of ministry I have agonized over those words spoken to me. Can an introvert truly serve as a pastor? I hope you will check out the article I referenced.


Are we asking the right questions?  Some time past Campus Crusade for Christ ran a nation wide campaign focused on three words: I Found It!  My favorite response – though I wholeheartedly agreed with the motivation for the campaign- was seen on a bumper sticker or poster (I can’t remember which): I never lost it! I wonder if the messages we proclaim, the messages we use to connect with people in our community actually connect to what is happening in their lives. Are we proclaiming a message no one wants to hear? Or are we sharing our message in ways that resonate with the past and not the present?

I haven’t ‘found it’ (i.e. the answer to my own question if we are asking the right questions), but I am on a mission to find an answer…


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