What a Week!

As I write this it is Tuesday evening, April 12. Yesterday I met with a couple planning a wedding later this summer, taught an adult Bible Study, then drove to Salem and met with Rep. Wayne Kreiger, the Oregon State Representative for the district in which I live. Then I drove to Vancouver, WA to spend the night and prepare for a Finance Committee Meeting of the NWBC Executive Board.

This morning I chaired the meting of the Finance Committee- interesting times are ahead. Both primary revenue streams that have funded our cooperative work as a regional network of churches are decreasing. Yet, the needs and demands for ministry needs are increasing. How do we do more with less?

Then I drove back to Salem where I testified before a joint SubCommittee of the Oregon Legislature’s Ways and Means Committee. Tomorrow I will attend a hearing regarding some changes being proposed for the ORegon Commission on Children and Families. Then, after lunch I will attend part of the Coalition of Commission’s meeting.

Finally, I will drive home for our Wednesday evening activities. Then Friday Cindy and I leave for a quick overnight trip to Bandon where I will meet with the local non-profit board on which I serve for a strategic planning session all day Saturday.

No wonder I am tired. BUT, God has opened doors of ministry and opportunity that hopefully will lead to the advance of Kingdom work.

Needing your prayers…



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