Reading Leviticus

In a recent book review the author of a new book, How to Be Perfect: One Church’s Audacious Experiment in Living the Old Testament Book of Leviticus the author identifies Leviticus as “the graveyard where read-through-the-Bible-in-a-year plans go to die” (quoted at I have been reading a few chapters in Leviticus each evening before I go to sleep. I am tempted to skip over the chapters on skin diseases, mold and mildew and other topics.

But, I also am reminded of two significant truths as I read Levitivus. First, God is intimately involved in every aspect of our lives…even to the level of what kind of mildew afflicts our homes. I have no interest in being a mold inspector except in this way: what areas of my soul are moldy? What areas of my heart and mind have become infected with subtle and almost invisible sin?

Second, as I read through Leviticus I am reminded that God demands His people reflect His holiness regardless of the cost. Though people with certain skin diseases are forced to live outside the camp, they are not forgotten nor are they to be neglected. The separation reminds me that there are significant costs to following God’s purpose for my life. Reading Leviticus reminds me that there are some costs I may yet need to pay.

If you are struggling to read through Leviticus you may find it helpful to read the book referenced above. I haven’t read it, but I agree with the author…we cannot afford to ignore any part of God’s Word!

Pastor Stev


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