Deepening our understanding of God’s Nature

Last night as we were praying at our weekly prayer gathering I was reminded again that our view of God is often shallow and superficial. Many of our prayer concerns are self-centered and bordering on selfishness. Yes, we are to bring every need to the Father in prayer. But to listen to our prayers an outsider might think that God is some all powerful being who exists just to make us comfortable and provide all the conveniences we need.

How do we dig deeper into the nature of God? Have I as a leader and teacher furthered this shallow and superficial view of God? In our busy-ness we have eliminated time for deep thinking and deep praying. I know that I often cut short prayer time so I can get through my to-do list, so that I can be on time to all the meetings that I have overscheduled in my life. Shame on me.

Lord, help me to learn to focus not on what you do but on who you are – even as I pray for the needs of my family and my church. Lord, may your name be hallowed as I make myself available to you as a reflection of your character as Christ is being formed in me by the Holy Spirit!


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