I am sitting in the Portland Airport waiting for a flight to Kansas City where Cindy, Meg and I will spend Thanksgiving with Cindy’s step-mom and the family. I will get to see my sister (who is scheduled to begin chemo treatments today), my brother and his 2 year old little bor as well. It should be a wonderful week of family, food, and fun!
The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of travel- Pasco WA, Lincoln City, OR and now Kansas City. When we get home late next week the holiday whirlwind begins in earnest.
A couple of thoughts:
1. After attending the education conference Monday and Tuesday of this past week I have been challenged to take the time and think through what I am trying to teach and accomplish when I preach. I have become lazy about specific application. I need to give more thought and more time to this critical aspect.
2. After spending time with unchurched people- I am reminded of the significant work of trying to connect with people so that we can share the gospel. Building relationships is extremely difficult and time consuming…but learning to listen and pay attention is well worth our time and energy in this process.
3. Finding time for prayer- not just the hurried morning devotion time- is more critical than ever. Building that time into my schedule demands that I discipline myself to day NO more than I say YES!

So, more later when we arrive in Kansas City!



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