Dispatches From the Edge

It’s been too long. We have been trying to redo our church webpage…see http://www.winstoncommunitybaptist.org. A work in progress. Time is my friend and my enemy. Several initiatives taking shape around here: Tuesday, May 4 I am hosting a meet and greet for YoungLife leaders. A few of us are desperate to see something happen on our middle and high school campuses. Our churches are not penetrating the lostness among our young people so partnering with a group like YoungLife makes some sense to me. So far though few of the community and church folks I have communicated with have responded to an invitation to attend. Maybe they will drop in? I am a little frustrated what’s new? No, frustrated is not the right word. I am honestly sensing that God has so much more for us as a people in Winston than we are experiencing. We are settling for less than all that God has for us. So, I am on edge….leaning forward, straining forward (echoes of Philippians 3:14-following) to pursue and realize all that God has for me, to pursue all God has for His people, to pursue not just a deeper walk, but a transformational life –  one in which God is at work through His Holy Spirit drawing people to Jesus as Christ is magnified and made real in me.
So, on the edge of greater things…of bigger things…of more real transformation…looking forward….



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