Dispatches from the edge…

Spent most of yesterday spiraling closer to the pit of depression and despair. Probably what kept me from going all the way was attending a memorial service for a young lady (she was about 6 months older than me) who died battling cancer. She and her husband were part of our church when we moved here. About two years after we came she and her husband moved to another church in our area…for legitimate and godly reasons- they weren’t mad, we just couldn’t offer some of what they needed….Anyway, listening to her friends share about her influence and her character kept me from wandering over the edge. Still, it was a difficult day. And it’s Sunday again…
I was reading in Zechariah this morning- Zech 12:10 God promises to “pour out … the Spirit of grace and suuplication….”
Today’s prayer- Lord, pour out Your Spirit of grace upon me, through me, and in me. Pour out Your Spirit of supplication that I might seek you, that I might lead those who gather here in Your name might seek You and be satisfied with nothing less than You. We are so easily satisfied with that which makes us ‘feel’ good. Let us only be satisfied today with You…even as Your Spirit burns away the dross, even as Your presence penetrates our hearts and minds revealing the sinfulness of our hearts, even as we celebrate the crucifixion may the pain Jesus suffered remind us of the grief our sinfulness causes You. But may we seek only to be satisfied with You- not just in thought but in reality!


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