Dispatches from the Edge

Overslept this am. The time change  always kicks me in the …. I am more and more persuaded that we as a people of God are simply missing the mark in our attempts to reach and evangelize our community. We are comfortable and content with where we are…I am beginning to awaken from a spiritual dry spell. I want to see our people engaged in sharing the gospel in meanigful ways. I want to see families transformed. I want to see our church be a base for missions instead of a place for meeting (I think I read something similar to that on the Church at Brook Hills website…sorry if I stole it without attribution). I want my ministry to count for more than just pleasing people.

But then. Do I really want to pay the price…of being misunderstood, of being maligned, of being of no account? Pride is a constant and consistent enemy. Will I sacrifice my pride for the glory of Christ? Will I give up my rights so that Christ may be lifted up and draw those living in this community to Himself? Can I be the leader/pastor that this church needs in order to reach this community? I told my leadership team yesterday that if over the next few months as we redream and renew our vision if God leads them to the conclusion that I am not the pastor they need to lead them to the next phase of ministry, I am willing to move on. I am earnestly serious about this commitment. If I am the hindrance I want to be taken to another field of ministry. If I am not the hindrance, then, God…move mightily among us…in me, through me, and may Your Holy Spirit consume me in the process of revealing the life of Jesus (see 2 C0r 4).

Thats it for a Monday…


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