Dispatches from the edge…

The home computer survived. It apparently was a bad usb port- but, there are several usb ports that survive! This week has been, well, interesting. I am so deeply embedded in so many community activities that I can lose myself between coming and going. I had intended to take this entire day off…but, pastoring has some interesting opportunities. For example: earlier this week, a family in our church learned that their 16 yr old grandchild died in a tragic accident in New York. The grandparents are devastated. So, I spent time with them…praying, listening, trying to be a person of peace and hope in their lives. Then, a 92 yr old charter member of our church called, wanted me to come share with one of her housemates (they live in an adult foster care facility…a home like setting for older adults who cannot live on their own) who is having heart problems. So, I spent an hour or so visiting with these two women…one a wonderful saint, the other, a confused, hurting woman who needs to know Christ’s presence in her life.

So…here I am in my study on Friday…trying to prepare for Sunday…as well as a mens’ breakfast tomorrow morning; our worship team rehearsal tomorrow as well; and a leadership team meeting on Sunday at which I am hoping to present a long-term strategy for adding a staff member this coming fall. So, lots to do. Little time in which to do it. Somewhere in all this I have several phone calls I must make; several pieces of mail I have to do something with; and the other misc stuff that tends to crop up. So…

I wish I had some awesome words of truth to share…I wish I had the gift of sharing some wit and wisdom. What I do have is a promise…that “He who promised is faithful” (Heb 10:23) and that I can push forward and that I can rely on God’s presence and power to enable me to be who He has created me to be…

So, From the Edge….walking in faith….



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