A.D.D. or Just Crazy?

Somedays I think I have add or adhd or some other combination of letters that suggest I’m a little unbalanced. I tend to be all over the map in any given day. Concentrating on one task, finishing one project seems beyond my ability-so I jump from task to task….

I’ve been reading Marlynne Robinson’s novel, Gilead. Wow. What a read. As I read I’m struck by how little my children (who are both grown adults)know about my life, about my inner struggles and my spiritual life. But then…how much do I share with anyone? When I read survey’s that indicate pastor’s have few if any close friends, I am one of the majority. I have friends. I just don’t have many really close friends. Except this blog. I am also wondering if I should ask my parents- or better, how I should ask my parents to write out their life story so my children can come to know them.

I am also (I warned you…I’m all over the map today) seriously thinking about worship- primarily the role and practice of what we as Baptists do on Sunday morning at 11:00am (Baptist Standard Time for those of you from other backgrounds). If worship is truly our best opportunity to connect with the unchurched, then what we do during worship ought to be the clearest and best demonstration of God’s work at reconciling the world to Himself in Christ. Sometimes (and I know I’m not the first) we seem to be better about worshiping our tradition, worshiping our preferences and worshiping our own comfortable ‘secret’ lives than we are about worshiping God who in Christ has reconciled the world to Himself.

One last leap…if only I managed my time better…what would happen if pastor’s- this one in particular- really tried to organize a schedule around the priorities mentioned in Acts 6? The ministry of prayer and the Word…but would anyone listen if I wasn’t out hustling to get people in the building? Some may remember the old CPA (Church PAstoral Assistance- yes, I am that old). So many visits had to be made in a week – a certain percentage had to be specifically evangelistic…according to a formula someone had worked out…. In among the visits were message preparation, family time, just plain down time (i.e. the sabbath); personal growth time…and church administration, developing leaders, and on and on the list went.

Well, back to the other side of my desk—I have several other projects I need to get to today…on the other hand…there is that website I wanted to visit….


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