It was one of those Sunday’s. Nothing seemed to work. I was struggling to connect with God- much less lead others to connect. The music-let’s just say we’ve been more prepared and more effective at using music to assist in our worship. Preparing for messages and delivering messages- which used to be my greatest joy- is now a constant struggle and constant source of frustration. This week I’ve been wondering if I am missing something. Attendance is back up slighty of course, we were averaging 50 so any increase is welcome! I have a guest speaker coming in this weekend- to speak on stewardship (what is a better term?). Then, it’s gearing up for EASTER. My prayer is for double the # of attenders- so 100+ on Easter morning. I am truly trying to plan my preaching in advance…to give some of the folks in my church who are creative and artistic an opportunity to provide some visual aids for our worship.

In an article I’ve been reading from the 20th anniversary issue of FIRST THINGS, one author suggests that the church IS the narrative that holds the world together. In other words, from a more classical, liturgical view, the worship of the church- telling the story of Christ’s death, burial, resurrection, and ascension, is the glue that connects meaning to life. As a free church pastor- a church that doesn’t observe the Lord’s Supper every week- is there a way we can build into our weekly worship that story? How do we build that into our daily lives.

Yesterday I challenged my listeners (sorry, that message will not be available on the web…frustrating technical issues) to follow their heart in following Jesus. This morning as I was reading Numbers 14 I was reminded that Caleb was one who fully followed God. There is a sermon lurking there somewhere…but more importantly there is a pattern by which we can order our lives- our worship- our day to day life in the kingdom of God.

Well, I’ve rambled enough. It’s Monday…lots to do…



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