Some years ago I chose to make Friday and Saturday my days off- recognizing that meetings and schedule would often dictate that one or both of those days would end up being workdays. More often than not one or both end up being workdays…but slogging on here I am on a Friday in my office once again.

Now, I’ m not complaining about working on Friday. I am forutnate in that I can control my work schedule. I can and often do take a few extra hours here and there for personal time. Every church I have served has been extremely generous in allowing me to set my own schedule and make adjustments as necessary.

It is raining here in Oregon (no surprise there!) so it is a good day to be inside. I attended a peer mentoring group earlier this week where PAstor Tim Brown from Clovis CA shared some things he has learned about planning and leading life-transforming worship services. I came away from the day excited about the potential of planning such worship services. I know I need to be in life-transforming services- where I connect with the Spirit of the Living God. The challenge is to plan a serves in which I can both lead and participate. Perhaps the fundamental issue is learning to prepare by praying.

So, here’s praying for Sunday…



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