Just thinking…

In today’s devotional reading from My Utmost for His Highest Chambers distinguishes between being constrained by the love of Christ and being constrained by our experience of Jesus Christ. The latter is what he calls an elementary testimonty…”What Jesus has done…is doing…will do….” The former is literally a testimony to Christ Jesus and His presence in our lives. The difference, according to Chambers, is the baptism of the Holy Spirit. In other words, only as we fully recognize the reality of our new life- life that  God creates inthe mold or pattern of Jesus, empowered by the indwelling Holy Spirit- can we testify of who Jesus is- not just to what He has done.

I wonder. Sometimes our testimony seems to be “come to church- you’ll like it here.” Shouldn’t our testimony be- this is Jesus- see who He is, see how He makes the presence of God known in our world, in my life?

So, if you’ve taken the challenge I issued last Sunday ( or Monday if you weren’there Sunday)…how have you drawn nearer to JEsus this week? Are you at the point where you can call attention to the presence of Jesus in your life as the Holy Spirit makes Him real?

My prayer is that we as the people of God at Winston Community Baptist will not just give testimony to what Jesus does, but that our lives will show the reality of His presence, power, and majesty. As He is exalted, He will draw people to Himself!


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