Working From Rest

It’s Tuesday afternoon and it has been a very bsuy three days (since Sunday…). Today is crammed with meetings and appointments as is tomorrow. Thursday things slow down a little…and next week promises to be just about as busy. As  a matter of fact the rest of the winter and spring look about this busy. Nothing wrong with being busy, I guess…but I wonder if my life is too loud? Are there too many activities and meetings on my schedule that interfere with that activity that is MOST important?

This morning one of the men in an accountability group I meet with made the statement, “we are to work from our rest, not to rest from our work.” Interesting. Genesis 1-2 point out that God created man and woman on the sixth day of creation. The very next day was the Sabbath- the day of rest. I’ve been intrigued all day about this challenge. Too often I work so that I can rest. Rarely do I rest so that I can be productive and effective at what God has called and gifted me to do. PArt of the challenge of my life this year is to find time to rest…to experience the soul rest that God’s Word describes as a result of the Spirit’s filling. Then I can work- on the tasks God assigns, according to God’s design, and taking access of all that God has for me (see Eph 1:15-ff).


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